Many people grow up going to the doctor once per year for a physical. Kids also learn to go to the dentist twice per year. Sadly, people often overlook the importance of going to the eye doctor. It is important for people to take care of their eyes because, often, people take their vision for granted. Problems with someone’s vision can have an adverse impact on their overall quality of life. At Sohi Eye Care, we want our patients to take care of their vision. We are here to serve the citizens of Cary, North Hills, and North Raleigh by providing access to high-quality optometry services from a trained eye doctor. Trust us to help you.

Preventative Eye Care Services

We believe that prevention is always more effective than stopping a problem that is already in full bloom. That is why we encourage all of our patients to come and visit us at least once per year to get their eyes checked. At this visit, we are going to test your visual acuity to make sure that corrective lenses aren’t needed. Then, we will test the visual fields to make sure that you can see clearly out of every corner of your eyes. After this, we are going to examine your eyes and check their ocular pressures to look for signs of glaucoma. Finally, we will dilate your eyes to get a good look at the retina and optic nerves. We want to make sure that everyone’s eyes are as healthy as possible.

Acute Eye Care Services

Of course, we know that not every problem can be prevented. That is why we provide acute care services as well. Some of the most common reasons why people come to see us for acute reasons include:

  • Individuals might have a foreign body in their eyes such as sand, dust, or metal shavings
  • Others are having trouble seeing out of one or both eyes
  • Some patients are referred to us for the management of diabetic eye disease following a diagnosis of diabetes
  • We also see patients who have developed eye allergies or an eye infection

Trust the Team from Sohi Eye Care

At Sohi Eye Care, we give you the power to take care of your eyes. With a wide range of preventative eye care services and acute optometry treatment options, it is easy to see why the people of Cary, North Hills, North Raleigh, and the Triangle have placed their trust in us. To learn more about how we can help you and your family, please call us today to make an appointment. We would be honored to help you.