An optical coherence tomography scan (OCT) is a crucial tool for early testing and detecting retinal detachment, diabetic retinal disease, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. The scan shows retina cross-sectional images that provide early detection and treatment of diseases such as ocular disease.

OCT scan employs laser technology to get high-resolution images of the optic nerve and the retina. The coded images reveal rich information that enables our eye doctors to evaluate the thickness of the nerve disorders. If you have questions concerning OCT scans, reach our specialists at Sohi Eye Care in North Raleigh, North Hills, and Cary.

When Are OCT Scans Used?

OCT scans are used in the detection, management, prevention, and treatment of many ocular conditions, including:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Macular evaluation
  • Ganglion cell complex
  • Epiretinal membrane
  • Retinal assessment
  • Optic disc edema
  • Optic nerve head drusen
  • Retinoschisis

Use of OCT Scan in Anterior Angle Examination

The OCT scan is a crucial test our eye doctors use in measuring the anterior angle in patients with a high risk of contracting glaucoma. The anterior angle is a drainage pathway for the fluid inside the eye. A disorder in the anterior angle results in an increase in pressure which causes abnormalities in the optic nerve.

Optical coherence tomography scan gives high clarity images of the anterior angle. It also allows for the early identification of angle-closure glaucoma.

What to Expect During an OCT Exam

The technique applies light waves to form an image. Our eye doctors require that you sit with your chin supported during the exam. The OCT scans each of your eyes while you stare at a green target.

When to Undertake an OCT Examination

Eye doctors recommend adults above 26 with a high risk of acquiring ocular disease schedule regular OCT scans. Frequent scans allow our doctors to provide a comparative test with images from the previous years to identify any abnormalities of retinal layers.

What Is the Main Benefit of OCT Scans?

OCT scans are essential in providing information for tracking treatment in patients with ocular disease. The exam is vital in the early detection and management of common ocular diseases such as glaucoma. This prevents loss of vision even before the onset of symptoms.

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