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Eyecare Services

Professional Eye Examinations

Compassionate care is coupled with the latest in technology to diagnose your eye condition. Our exams are the most comprehensive evaluations which incorporate the GDX(link) advanced glaucoma analyzer and Optos(link) retinal scan.

Treatment of Eye Diseases and Medical Eye Care

Diabetes, Glaucoma, Hypertension, Thyroid, Red Eyes, Headaches, or Reading difficulties. We have the technology and experience to assist in diagnosing and treating your condition.

Urgent Eye Care

Our on call doctors can handle your after hours emergency. From injuries to red eyes. Call our office after hours and select the option to be connected to our on-call doctor.

Dry Eye Center

We offer the latest in treatment for dry eye care. Many diseases and medications can make your eyes red, sandy, gritty, and watery. We can help with our many new treatment options. We offer advanced analysis of dry eye and management.

Contact Lenses

Contacts give you freedom to enjoy activities that would otherwise be difficult with glasses. Offering basic contact lens fits, kerataconus, post surgical, and degenerative corneal disease fits. We offer the latest lenses for optimal vision and comfort.