Quality vision and eye care are essential for people of all ages, and optometrists in Sohi Eye Care ensure that you get exactly that. For residents in Cary, North Hills, and North Raleigh, you can entrust your vision needs and care with us at Sohi Eye Care. We use advanced technology and techniques to offer optometry examinations and diagnose and treat certain eye conditions.

Why Visit Sohi Eye Care?

At Sohi Eye Care, we offer a range of eye exam services that help preserve your eyesight and improve your vision. Our optometrist team is experienced in diagnosing certain eye conditions as dry eye and laser vision correction. We use vision exams to determine the most suitable treatment option for you. Our doctor, Dr. Sohi, is experienced in treating such conditions as diabetic retinopathy, ocular diseases, and glaucoma, while our other doctor specializes in the treatment of dry eye syndrome.

Advanced Technology at Sohi Eye Care

Sohi Eye Care offers quality eye care combined with the latest treatments to help in permanent and effective improve vision. We use advanced technology with proven research in treating a range of optometric conditions. We have started using new technology to help in the detection of eye problems during the early stages.

Digital retinal photos: for this assessment, we use digital retinal imaging technology to detect eye diseases at early stages. Digital retinal imaging is a safe, quick, painless, and very non-invasive way that permits our doctors to evaluate both eyes’ retina’s health. The health of the retina, optic nerve, and other retinal structures is paramount in eye care.

Optical coherence tomography: this advanced technology, also known as OCT, is one of the latest advancements for early detection and treatment of some of the most common eye conditions. Our optometrists use OCT to treat glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration using light waves, and a very non-invasive friendly procedure.

Digital slit lamp imaging: Our doctors use digital slit lamp imaging at Sohi Eye Care to manage external eye diseases and conditions. We use the imaging obtained to compare certain eye conditions as they progress to help improve treatment techniques for conditions such as eye degenerations.

DT visual fields: We use DT visual fields for Visual field testing, which helps measure your peripheral vision access to determine if you have any blind spots or scotomas. This technique is most suitable for you if you are experiencing abnormalities with your visual field or suffering from peripheral vision loss. It is a straightforward and painless test that involves only your ability to follow instructions.

Visit Us Today for Advanced Technology Services

Are you looking for advanced technological care for your eyes and vision? Visit Sohi Eye Care for preventative and acute eye care services or call us at 919-241-7013 to schedule an appointment. Find out how our team can help your eye and vision care at our Cary, North Hills, and North Raleigh locations.